Project Description


Spiny Lobster, pike eel, young greens of Japanese mustard spinach
3 servings
Finely chopped lobster covered with kudzu:
Spiny Lobster:250g
8 servings
Fan-shaped shinjo (shrimp fritter)
Pike eel: 600g
Egg white: 1 piece
Kombu seaweed broth: 1 go (about 330g)
(Flow can, 15cm on 4 sides)

Recipe Tips

For the bowl dish, I chose Shinjo made with lobster in the shape of fan. During my apprenticeship, even for cooking the minced marine meat used for Shinjo took incredibly a long time. Today we can buy one at a store and obtain from the vendors so easily.


Finely chopped lobster covered with kudzu is cooked by taking lobster meat covered with kudzu starch to quickly boil and grill. For cooking the fan-shaped Shinjo, mince the meat of a pike congera sea eel and crush it in a mortar and strain. Mix it with egg white and kombu seaweed broth to steam with a steamer, then cut it in a fan shape.