Project Description


[1 serving]
 ike kuruma ebi (Japanese tiger prawn): 1pc
 Shallot: 1pc
 Red pepper: 1/3pc
 Matcha salt: as needed
Cost: 700 yen
Time required: 10 minutes
The number of chefs required: 1


To make the dish, live kuruma ebi (Japanese tiger prawn) is used. In making a vertical incision along the belly, the prawn will curl up naturally. It will spread its legs when deep fried, as if it were swimming. The same thing happens with Ayu(sweetfish), Without sprinkling much salt on it when it is deep fried as long as it is alive, the fins will stand upright.
“Kimiage”, also known as “Kimpura”, is frying with egg yolk, water, and flour, which creates a bright yellow colour. It is recorded that the Japanese Shogun enjoyed this dish as well. Cover the prawn`s legs with batter and deep fry until it is crispy, then fry the body with “Kimikoromo”.(egg yolk batter). In this way, you can enjoy different textures in the same dish.


1. Remove the shell of the prawn, and then remove the head.

2. Cover the prawn with egg yolk batter then deep fry.

3. Deep fry the shallot and manganji togarashi with egg yolk batter.

4. Serve the prawn, shallot, and manganji togarashi.

5. Putting matcha salt beside them.

Chef: Taku Namai, Executive Chef, Hanamicyo
Deep fried kurumaebi(Japanese tiger prawn) with egg yolk batter

 Manganji togarashi (a type of Japanese pepper)
 Matcha salt