Project Description

Sea bream stick sushi


Make Bo-sushi (rod shaped sushi) with sea bream and spray the sauce made with ‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’. It is known that sushi is dipped in soy sauce when eating, however, you may sometimes dip too much or dip too little. It won’t be easy to go just right.
Spraying will enable you to put the sauce evenly on the sea bream and make the taste just right.
Unlike sushi rolls wrapped in Nori seaweed, this type of sushi is difficult to cut even if rolled with a sushi mat. Therefore, you’ll need to use plastic wrap to fix its surface.
If you roll the sushi with too much force, the rice will be crushed by fingertip pressure. On the contrary, if don’t press it tightly enough, the sushi rice (roll) will be deformed and fall apart.ks
The tricks of the trade to make a good roll sushi is subtle comtorol of a fingertip force.


Toshiya Kadowaki

Born in 1960 in Hokkaido, Japan.
Perfected himself in Japanese cuisine at well-known restaurants such as Tsukiji Uemura, Kamogawa and Kaientei. In 2000, opened his own restaurant, “Azabu Kadowaki” in Azabu-Juban, Tokyo.
A lot of celebrities are a fan of his cuisine. His dishes based on outside-the-box thinking are masterpieces, which take Japanese cuisine to a whole new level.
His ability and skill has been recognized with two Michelin stars.


‘YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce’

Authentic Japanese soy sauce with its unique aroma, translucent reddish brown colour and rich flavour. YAMASA; truly original flavour for expertised chefs.

Ingredients for making Sea bream Bo-sushi

Sea bream 200g
Rice (cooked) 400g
Rice vinegar (or regular vinegar if not available) 30cc
Roasted white sesame seeds A little
Dry kelp (kombu) 2 sheets
Shiso (or sweet basil, if not available[5g]) 8 leaves

How to make Sea bream Bo-sushi

Remove the skin and bones from the sea bream Sear the skin with a blow torch Remove the most of the skin and all bones from the sea bream[200g]. Leave only the flesh and the skin to a certain degree.
Use a blow torch to sear the skin until it closes and opens up again.
Make sea bream Kombujime. Cut the seared sea bream into 2-3mm slices and put them on a kombu sheets (dry kelp)
Place another kombu sheets (dry kelp)
on the top surface of the sea bream slices.
Put the kombu-sandwiched sea bream between two plates, hold them with rubber bands, then add a weight on top and let it rest for 10 minutes at room temperat (this technique is called kombujime).
Make sushi rice Add rice vinegar (or regular cereal vinegar if not available) as needed basis to rice[400g] and mix.

Add white sesame seed and chopped shiso [8 leaves] (or sweet basil [5g] ) to the vinegar-rice and mix.

Roll the Bo-sushi with a sushi mat Spray the sauce Cover a sushi mat with a plastic wrap, and put the sea bream kombujime on it.

Spread sushi rice on the sea bream and wreathe it in the plastic wrap.

Roll it with the mat and adjust the shape.
Use just the right amount of pressure when rolling it. Be careful not to make the sushi rice crushed with too much pressure.

Cut the sushi through the plastic wrap.

Put the the sauce (*1) in a sprayer, and spray the whole surface of the sushi evenly 7-10 times.

*1 How to make the sauce.
Put YAMASA Brewed Soy Sauce [70cc] and Sake [80cc] in a pan and add heat until it boils, then remove from the heat and cool it down for 10 minutes at room temperature.
Done Arrange the sushi on a plate.
Put some delicious grated wasabi on it as neede-basis.