Project Description


Ingredients for 3 servings
 Ichiban dashi: 200 cc
 Tilefish: 30 g × 5
 Warabi: 10 pcs
Lotus root rice cake
 Lotus root : 200 g
 Tamago no moto (Japanese egg mixture): 1 tablespoon
kuzu: as needed
 Egg white: 1/2 pc
 Wwater salt: as needed
Cost: 650 yen, the number of chefs required: 2
Ichiban dashi:
 Water: 1800cc
 Rishiri kombu kelp: 20 g
 Makobu kelp: 10 g
 Honkarebushi (Dried shaved bonito which has gone through sun-drying process 3 times and is of a high quality): 40 g


How the dashi is brewed for the soup is very important. In this restaurant, ichiban dashi is brewed from the aged rishiri kombu kelp with the addition of makobu kelp. Allow the kelps to soak for more than 6 hours before boiling. When it is boiled, lower the temperature to about 90 °C, add the katsuobushi and strain it right away to make clear ichiban dashi.
Usu Kuzu Jitate is made by dissolving kuzu in the water in to increase thickness. (The more you add the kuzu, the thicker it will be.)It is also called Yoshino Jitate because Yoshino in Nara prefecture isfamous producing areas for kuzu. I am using tilefish for this soup this time. However, using crab or any seasonal ingredients can also make a delicious dish.
Squeeze the grated lotus roots lightly. Please be aware that if you squeeze the lotus roots too much, you will no longer have a chewy texture when steaming.


(1) Fillet the tilefish down into 3 pieces then salt.

(2) Peel lotus roots, soak in vinegar water, then wash in water. Grate the lotus roots using oroshigane or a vegtable greater then squeeze lightly, add egg white and tamago no moto to the mixture, and season with salt water.

(3) Cut the sea bream into pieces. Arrange the renkon mochi and sea bream alternately in hakata style decoration, and steam with kombu sake (kelp simmered in sake).

(4) Once steamed up, serve with cooked vegetables in the bowl, the Japan lacquer

(5) Adjust the taste of the ichiban dashi soup with salt, light soy sauce, and sake. Thicken that soup with kuzu to a certain degree then pour this soup into that bowl.

Chef: Hiroshi Igawa
Maihama Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay
Head Chef

RecipeName: Usu Kuzu Jitate (kuzu-thickened soup)
 Tilefish: half pc
 Warabi, carrots: as needed
 Broad bean