Project Description


Serving for 10:
Butterbur: 120g
Bracken: 120g
Tofu: 1
Sugar: 2 tbsp
1tbs Sesame paste
A dash of salt

Recipe Tips

Draining the moisture from tofu is important in preparation of shiraae It’s better to drain the moisture from tofu without cooking it, but it’s better to do it after boiling it during summer season. When squeezing it with the cloth, tofu oozes out from the grains of the cloth. Make sure not to overdo to the extent that soy milk oozes out. You need to be careful not to overdo it to the extent where all the moisture is drained off, or underdo it to the extent where too much moisture remains in the tofu. In addition, season the ingredients beforehand. We have used lightly seasoned broth for the wild vegetables for this recipe.
Ideal ingredients for this dish are wild vegetables for the spring, leafy vegetables for the summer, various mushrooms for the autumn, and root vegetables for the winter.


1. Place the tofu on a cutting board for 30 minutes to an hour to drain off the water.

2 Then, place the drained tofu on a piece of dry cloth, twist it to squeeze off the water.
 When boiling tofu during summer, make sure to keep the heat low enough not to bring it to a boil, and pull out the tofu as soon as it emerge.

3. Puree the drained tofu with strainer, and make it into a smooth paste.

4. Mix in the sugar, salt, and sesame paste, and decorate butterbur and bracken with the mixture.